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Biodegradable iPhone Phonelace - green/gold

Biodegradable iPhone Phonelace - green/gold


The first Phonelace with a 100% biodegradable case on a 100% Cotton Lace.
Protect your smartphone and the environment. Beige shock proof smartphone case on a natur colored braided cotton lace with metal details in gold. The eco-friendly case is 100% compostable and consists of 100% renewable, non toxic materials. The length of the lace is individually adjustable so that it can be worn like a necklace or cross body.

Material and characteristics

  • PLA and PBAT 
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • lightweight


  • braided 100% cotton rope
  • metal
  • lightweight
  • non toxic

Phonelace does not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. The rings on the
inside of the case can cause scratches.